Durian Party Combo

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This item will be expected to arrive on September 30, 2021

195 available for pre-ordering

Pay a deposit of 384.00 SAR per item
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Durian Party Combo is specifically for durian lovers in KSA. Because we listen to you, hence we introduce this pre-order combo so you don’t miss for durian party this month. You will be the first person to receive durian before others and you can tell them don’t be jealous if you miss it!

Imagine enjoying all these varieties of Durian D24, 101, Red Prawn, Durian Kahwin, Cempedak all together which definitely will satisfy your craving. Well it’s only once a year and you deserve this treat!

Oh don’t forget you will receive Musang King too with 40% discount together in this combo. Don’t miss it!